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Prosciutto with Fig


Sweet, salty, and absolutely delectable.

Green Bean Salad


Protein does not have to be heavy and unhealthy...a fiber-rich green bean salad is refreshingly filling.



Thank you for visiting me on my website.  I hope you will enjoy my recipes, culinary/catering tips, and reading my blogs.  I have spent years creating, testing, and simplifying each recipe for the everyday cook, the busy moms, and those new to the kitchen.  As I begin to build my site, it would delight me to know that dishes I serve my clients, are reaching the tables of families and friends, worldwide; so, please feel free to contact me and request any recipe you’d like me to add, or ask me questions you might have on food, preparation, or techniques.

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Royal risotto for Oprah...


I was working at the Bel Air Hotel, cooking for Oprah Winfrey and Nancy Reagan, along with many others, when someone wanted to know “who made the risotto?” When I went out to meet the gentleman, I learned he was a member of the Royal Family of Kuwait who was looking for a private chef.  It sounded like fun, and the rest, as they say, is history. 


I followed him to his homes in Bel Air, New York City, Kuwait, and Lebanon, a country I fell in love with.  The food was so vibrant, and colorful. There was an abundance of fresh seafood, and the style of cooking focused on a variety of vegetables and salads, with much less focus on meat or starches than we have here in the States.  I remember thinking - “I could be a vegetarian here!”  I know people who know me will laugh at that, because I do love my meat, but Lebanon opened my eyes to a whole new way of eating, from the tabbouleh salads, to the gyros you could get from vendors on the street, to the shawarma (a pita or wrap filled with slowly grilled meats), I truly enjoyed the food and basked in the experience.  Now, I share with you the dish which began my royal risotto.


Halibut with Swiss Chard


Pan seared to a crisp, light and buttery halibut is served with the comfort of swiss chard for a Southern twist.

Saucy Scallop


It's all about the presentation.