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About the Chef


I have had some amazing opportunities in my life and they’ve all centered on food.  After getting my first taste of braised short ribs at a little restaurant in Long Beach California’s Belmont Shores district, I thought, “I have got to learn how to make this!”  It was the best dish I had ever tried.  Fast forward many years, and I’ve just served my rendition of braised short ribs with red wine reduction, Swiss chard and polenta (a twist on Southern BBQ with its cornbread and greens), when a former President of the United States comes up to me, puts a hand on my shoulder and tells me how much he enjoyed my short ribs! In my surprise (okay, and maybe awe) I cut my hand with the tip of my knife.  All I could think of was how much I used to be intimidated by all the different ingredients that went into that dish, but once I stopped overthinking it, I found a way to please one of the leaders of the free world!  Sure, somewhere in between Long Beach and serving one of my favorite dishes to a former President, I attended culinary schools (including Le Cordon Bleu), but I learned a lot through my experiences along the way, too. 

Now that I have catered to political dignitaries, Hollywood megastars, and legendary rock stars, I want to share my recipes, techniques, and culinary tips with you.  If you have any question or need advice culinarily, please feel free to email me via the Contact Form, under our "Contacts" tab.  If you are looking for a private chef or am considering to have your next event or party catered, please notify me of your interest.  I have catered intimate yatch dinners for high-tech tycoons, to crafting delectable cocktails for thousands in tinseltown through my catering company, BupyStyle Events, LLC.


Aside from my culinary creations, I have ventured into the spirit arena and have invested in Mama's Boy Infusions, a signature infused tequila brand I helped to promote with my lobster ceviche recipe (download the recipe here).


As I begin to build my website, I welcome any requests my subscribers might have; so, please do not hesitate to send me your thoughts and ideas through the Contact Form.  I look forward to our correspondence and thank you for visiting my site.