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When I’m not stargazing, I tend to my catering company, BupyStyle Events, LLC, which I formed in 2009.  I am blessed to have found my passion in life; so, whether I am cooking for one person in the comfort of his own kitchen, or for 1000 people celebrating a special occasion, I savor each day I am able to cater to my clients.  If I can assist you with an upcoming event or a special occasion, I would be delighted to explore ideas on how we may make your affair the toast of the town.


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Private Chef


In addition to being a private chef to royalty and Wall Street giants, I am a celebrity chef to a long list of media moguls and Hollywood power couples.  What I have enjoyed most about being a celebrity chef for some of my favorite stars was finding out that we are all just real people who enjoy a home cooked meal.  For example, Rod Stewart would stand at his kitchen island, checking his email, singing while I cooked for him.  What family hasn’t congregated in the kitchen together, sharing stories, laughing, and either helping the cook or keeping him/her company?


I have also had the good fortune to cook for Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Alice Cooper, among others. Whether gathering organic vegetables and grilling sustainable wild fish for KISS, or creating Southern comfort food for Will Smith (often substituting turkey as a healthy replacement for pork), or serving Lady Gaga a delectable plate of hors d’ oeuvres, I enjoy being able to meet the demands of an artist’s grueling schedule, and the challenge of creating meals that are tailored to meet their dietary needs and desires...even if it means cooking in a tent on a back lot somewhere across these United States.


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